As recently as the mid-20th century, conditions such as polio, measles, rubella and diphtheria were still common, striking thousands ill and taking the lives of hundreds more.

The development of safe and effective vaccines has revolutionized medicine and turned once prevalent conditions into
mostly a distant memory. The key to maintaining and building on these advances is constant vigilance.

Continued access to immunizations for children, adolescents and adults is essential to preserving the progress we’ve made against vaccine-preventable conditions and strengthening our ability to address emerging health threats in the vaccine research pipeline such
as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), norovirus, Ebola and Zika.

Every year, more than 50,000 adults die from vaccine-preventable diseases and thousands more suffer serious health problems. At-risk populations, including seniors and people with chronic illness, are at greater risk of complications and death.

The Adult Vaccine Access Coalition (AVAC) urges Congress to protect coverage of cost-effective and lifesaving
vaccines and provide adequate funding for essential immunization infrastructure. Download the Fact Sheet.