AVAC blogs highlight the important work of AVAC members, campaigns spearheaded by our immunization partners, and our perspective on policies and legislation proposed by the Administration and Congress.

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  • Medicare D Cost Sharing Reduces Vaccine Uptake and Perpetuates Health Inequities

    Cost sharing under Medicare Part D can be a large deterrent for beneficiaries to get vaccinated, resulting in worsened health outcomes that continue to perpetuate and exacerbate existing health inequities. Read more about this issue and how Congress can act to address it in this piece written by Josh Adler and Steven Calderbank of IQVIA.

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  • Opinion: Federal policies needed to encourage and increase immunization for seniors

    Learn about the importance of boosting immunization rates among seniors and about how passing legislation like the Protecting Seniors Through Immunization Act will help boost immunization rates for seniors against preventable diseases from Deborah Miller, executive director for the Charitable Healthcare Network.

  • AVAC Spotlight: Dr. Morgan F. McDonald, Deputy Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Health

    Dr. Morgan. F. McDonald, MD, FACP, FAAP, is Deputy Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Health and Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Physicians who has worked closely with maternal vaccinations. Through her work, she has gained robust knowledge about the benefits of vaccinations and the barriers to getting people, particularly mothers, vaccinated.

  • It’s Time to Start Catching Up on All Vaccinations, Not Just COVID

    While it’s important to get everyone who is able to vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, it is equally important to ensure that everyone is getting vaccinated against other vaccine-preventable illnesses. Read why from Executive Director of Vaccinate Your Family Amy Pisani.

  • AVAC Spotlight: Dr. Betty J. Braxter, Associate Dean of the Undergraduate Nursing Program at the University of Pittsburgh

    Dr. Betty Braxter is an Associate Dean of the Undergraduate Nursing Program and Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Nursing who wants to make sure mothers, particularly those of color, are getting the necessary protections from preventable maternal complications through vaccinations.

  • Developing the 2020 National Vaccine Plan

    A comprehensive 2020 Vaccines National Strategic Plan (VNSP) is more important now than ever before. As our nation prepares for upcoming COVID-19 vaccines, we know that issues of equitable distribution and access for all–particularly for the populations most at risk– are critical in determining the pace and success of the nation’s recovery. Allocation, distribution, access, and utilization of the COVID-19 vaccine will likely be the greatest public health effort of our generation. And while this effort will present significant challenges, it also brings a new opportunity to expand the strength of existing immunization program infrastructure in the United States.

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  • COVID-19 Vaccine Success Depends on Equitable Distribution for All

    The nation is about to overcome a major hurdle in the battle against COVID-19: development of an effective vaccine. The next essential step is ensuring that those who need the vaccine most can access and afford it. AVAC is committed to the equitable allocation, distribution, access, and utilization of a future COVID-19 vaccine.

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