The Adult Vaccine Access Coalition (AVAC) held a virtual briefing entitled “Immunizing in a COVID-19 Environment: Using Technology to Promote Vaccinations and Reduce Disparities.” In addition to the recording of the briefing and the PowerPoint presentation, below please find a number related resources.

AVAC Resources:

  • Blog Post. AVAC Manager Abby Bownas published a blog to explain the importance of developing a COVID-19 vaccine and the need to create and implement new and innovative ways to deliver current and future vaccines to the public.
  • Immunization Infrastructure. AVAC led a letter signed by a diverse group of stakeholders providing recommendations to Congress on how to prepare for the allocation, distribution, and administration of a new COVID-19 pandemic vaccine by investing in immunization infrastructure. Read the letter here.
  • The Protecting Seniors Through Immunization Act eliminates out-of-pocket costs for vaccines covered under Medicare Part D and improves vaccine awareness and education for beneficiaries. You can learn more about this important piece of legislation here.

Speaker Resources: 

  • Biographies. View the biographies for our panelists here.
  • BIO Infographic. The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) released a useful infographic describing the development, manufacturing, and distribution process of vaccines  during a pandemic. View the infographic here.
  • BIO Pipeline Tracker. BIO’s Industry Analysis Team has reviewed and annotated pipeline data from BioCentury and Biomedtracker to create a granular, interactive view of the Covid-19 pipeline. View the tracker here.
  • Drive-Thru Flu Shots: A Model for Mass Immunization. Panelist Ruth Carrico Ph.D., RN, CIC published this report on Drive-Thru Flu Shots: A Model for Mass Immunization, detailing the establishment of their drive-thru flu shot program. Another study, entitled Simulation and Optimization Modeling for Drive-Through Mass Vaccination – A Generalized Approach, illustrates how drive-through clinics can be customized for a community of any size to administer vaccines particularly during a pandemic outbreak.
  • AIRA Preparing for a COVID-19 Vaccine One-Sheet. A national strategy for a novel COVID-19 vaccine rollout is currently being developed. In the interim, there are things that all immunization programs and immunization information systems (IIS) can do to better prepare for pandemic vaccination. This one-sheet resource includes some ideas for steps to take today.
  • AIRA IIS Policies to Support Pandemic and Routine Vaccination One-Sheet. As immunization programs and immunization information systems (IIS) prepare to support pandemic response vaccination efforts, there is a need for decision-makers to ensure IIS policies do not inhibit data exchange and reporting. This one-sheet resource highlights areas to focus on strengthening policy related to data exchange, vaccine reporting and consent to achieve more uniform, consistent policies.
  • A Map of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Influenza Vaccine Uptake in the Medicare Fee-for-Service Program. This study seeks to understand why, despite improved understanding of the risks of influenza and better vaccines for older patients, influenza vaccination rates remain subpar, including in high-risk groups such as older adults, and demonstrate significant racial and ethnic disparities.
  • USA Today Article. USA Today published an article discussing the critical role immunization registries will play in the successful distribution of a future coronavirus vaccine. The article featured a statement from briefing speaker Rebecca Coyle, the executive director of the American Immunization Registry Association.

Additional Resources:

  • The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) developed a repository of resources intended for use by healthcare settings, state and local health departments, professional societies, immunization coalitions, advocacy groups, and communities in their efforts to maintain immunization rates during the COVID-19 pandemic. The repository includes links to international, national, and state-level policies and guidance and advocacy materials, including talking points, webinars, press releases, media articles, and social media posts, as well as telehealth resources. The materials listed below can be sorted and searched by date, title, geographic area, source, type, category, or setting.