Telling us your vaccine story can be intimidating. Here are a couple examples to get you started.

I had the shingles last year and the pain was just awful. The blisters lasted a few weeks, but the pain took a few months to diminish. Actually, I still have episodes where it bothers me. It started with an excruciating back ache. My skin was so sensitive and it hurt to touch it. My doctor had to give me medication and pain pills. Not something you ever want to get. So please get the shingles vaccine if you are 60 or older, I wish I had!

Another example:

I’m 26 years old, healthy and active, but I ALWAYS get a flu shot every year. No matter what. Some of my co-workers and friends opt to not get the shot because they say “I heard the flu shot actually makes you sick.” It’s annoying because that’s just not true. I’ve done my research and talked with my doctor because I’ve heard it so many times, and I found that sometimes people get mild reactions, but modern vaccines have reduced the major negative side effects so now the most that happens is a bit of soreness in the arm. I’ll take a bit of soreness over the flu ANY DAY. The thing is, the flu shot increases your chances of staying healthy and you become 50 to 60 percent less likely to get the flu by getting the shot. Those are great odds to me.