With the advent of COVID-19, AVAC is working with its stakeholders to educate policymakers and advocate for needed public health investments.

AVAC Leads Stakeholder Letter on Equitable COVID Vaccine Distribution

As our nation plans for the upcoming allocation, distribution, and administration of a new COVID-19 pandemic vaccine, AVAC has brought together leading partner organizations and allies to emphasize the importance of ensuring equitable access to a future COVID-19 vaccine for all.

AVAC Member Launches New Educational Website on COVID Vaccine

The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), an AVAC member, announced the launch of a new educational website, COVID Vaccine Facts. The goal of the website is to address frequent questions about COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine development, with a specific focus on educating both providers and the general public in the US.

AVAC Recommendations on Immunization Infrastructure During COVID Pandemic

AVAC sent a letter to Congress to share ideas to help strengthen and enhance immunization infrastructure in the context of COVID-19 public health response efforts.

Following Immunization Best Practices During an Emergency Pandemic.

AVAC held a briefing on June 30, 2020 on "Immunizing in a COVID-19 Environment: Following Immunization Best Practices During an Emergency Pandemic ."

AVAC's Abby Bownas Discusses Vaccines Outlook in Avalere Podcast

AVAC Manager Abby Bownas joined Avalere's vaccine expert Richard Hughes IV to discuss challenges within the vaccines marketplace and highlight the efforts currently underway to improve access and uptake among adults for both routine immunizations and a future COVID-19 vaccine.

Preparing for a COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us why vaccines are critical for reducing the spread of infectious diseases. Vaccines help mitigate diseases, prevent severe illnesses, and reduce rates of hospitalization, morbidity, and mortality. Unfortunately, the pandemic has exposed gaps in our health care system and introduced new challenges. AVAC has worked with Congress, the Administration, and various stakeholder groups to ensure that, when a COVID-19 vaccine is approved, all Americans are able to be immunized without facing financial, technical, or logistical challenges.

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