The 2022 NAIIS Immunization Excellence Awards

2022 Immunization Excellence Awards


The NAIIS Immunization Excellence Awards recognize the extraordinary contributions of individuals and organizations towards improved vaccination rates within their communities during the past year.


This year’s award recipients have been announced via a news release. The 2022 Immunization Excellence Awards Ceremony was held on November 3, 2022 during the NAIIS Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. For complete descriptions of the award winners’ activities, view the 2022 Awards Lunch and Presentation Booklet.


Award Introductions

Moderator: Mitch Rothholz (Three-C Consulting Group) | Presentation



Honorable Mentions Winners

“Immunization Neighborhood” Champion Award

Recipient: Andrew Pasternak, MD | Presentation

“Health Equity & Access” Award

Recipient: Community Vaccine Collaborative | Presentation
Recipient: Hillcrest Pharmacy & Compounding of Lancaster | Presentation


National Winners

“Immunization Neighborhood” Champion Award

Recipient: Sterling Rapid Response, LLC | Presentation
Recipient: Krista D. Capehart, PharmD | Presentation

Laura Scott 2021–22 Outstanding Influenza Season Activities Award

Recipient: Avalon Health Care Group | Presentation

“Health Equity & Access” Award

Recipient: CDC Foundation | Presentation
Recipient: Carol Lemus, MPH/Lantern Community Services | Presentation


Special Summit Recognition

Recipient: Adult Vaccine Access Coalition (AVAC) | Presentation