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  • GSK and IQVIA Launch “Vaccine Track”

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  • Infographic Shows Gap in Vaccine Coverage

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  • Medicaid and CHIP Congressional Briefing

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  • AVAC Supports Section 139402 and Section 139405 of the Build Back Better Act

    December 13, 2021 The Honorable Charles Schumer Majority Leader U.S. Senate Washington, D.C. 20510 Dear Majority Leader Schumer: Thank you for your strong support and leadership in improving access to vaccines for older adults and individuals with chronic conditions who rely on federal programs for vaccine coverage. We are grateful that the Build Back Better […]

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  • Coronavirus Virus

    Medicare D Cost Sharing Reduces Vaccine Uptake and Perpetuates Health Inequities

    Cost sharing under Medicare Part D can be a large deterrent for beneficiaries to get vaccinated, resulting in worsened health outcomes that continue to perpetuate and exacerbate existing health inequities. Read more about this issue and how Congress can act to address it in this piece written by Josh Adler and Steven Calderbank of IQVIA.

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  • Op-Eds in Support of Passing the Protecting Seniors Through Immunization Act

    Op-Eds in Support of Passing the Protecting Seniors Through Immunization Act Illinois senior citizens need Congress to pass Immunization Act by Sen. Don DeWitte, Northwest Herald, 07/12/2021 It’s time to start catching up on all vaccinations, not just COVID by Amy Pisani, The CT Mirror, 07/21/2021 Maine Voices: It’s time to lower financial barriers to vaccination […]

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  • Opinion: Federal policies needed to encourage and increase immunization for seniors

    Learn about the importance of boosting immunization rates among seniors and about how passing legislation like the Protecting Seniors Through Immunization Act will help boost immunization rates for seniors against preventable diseases from Deborah Miller, executive director for the Charitable Healthcare Network.

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  • AVAC Co-Authors White Paper on Improving Maternal Immunization Status

    Executive Summary of Improving Maternal Immunization Status: Working Toward Solutions to the Policy, Data, and Implementation Challenges Driving Suboptimal U.S. Maternal Vaccination Rates White Paper   Read the entire white paper here.   This white paper was written in an effort to better understand evolving challenges that undermine longstanding efforts to address the most persistent barriers to […]

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  • AVAC Spotlight: Dr. Morgan F. McDonald, Deputy Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Health

    Dr. Morgan. F. McDonald, MD, FACP, FAAP, is Deputy Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Health and Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Physicians who has worked closely with maternal vaccinations. Through her work, she has gained robust knowledge about the benefits of vaccinations and the barriers to getting people, particularly mothers, vaccinated.

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  • AVAC Provides Feedback for the Development of 21st Century CURES 2.0

    To Representatives DeGette and Upton: The Adult Vaccine Access Coalition (AVAC) appreciates the opportunity to provide feedback that will help shape and inform the development of 21st Century Cures 2.0. We greatly appreciate your years of leadership in federal policymaking aimed at accelerating innovations in clinical research and trials as well as improving processes that […]

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